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I ~ Check Coolant Level

Make sure your engine has the correct amount of coolant.

II ~ Check Cooling Hose & Radiator Condition

Check your system for leaks and corrosion that could cause blocking in the hoses.

III ~ Check Fan Blade Condition

Make sure your cooling fan blades are in good shape. In the event there are cracks or chips, replace the fan.

IV ~ Add A Fan Shroud

Adding a fan shroud increases the airflow to the radiator by up to 20%. More air equates to more Cooling. View Fan Shrouds

V ~ Check Cooling Fan Mounting

Make sure your cooling fan is mounted securely to your vehicle. Zirgo's heavy duty fan ties offer an advanced design that result in maximum grip, with little to no slippage. Ideal for simple and pain free installation. View Cable Ties

VI ~ Upgrade Your Cooling Fan

Replace your cooling fan with a high performance Zirgo radiator cooling fan. Zirgo's fans offer maximum performance resulting in additional airflow and cooling power. View Fan Selector

VII ~ Replace Your Cooling Fan Relay

Upgrade your cooling fan relay to a high output 80 amp relay. An increase in power can boost the performance and efficiency of your current fan. View Fan Relay

VIII ~ Replace Your Cooling Fan Wiring

Upgrade your radiator fan wiring to a Zirgo plug-n-play radiator fan harness kit. This harness will replace all wiring needed to drive your cooling fan and can increase fan efficiency. Machine terminated connectors ensures maximum amp delivery. View Fan Wiring

IX ~ Replace your Thermo Switch

Use a digital, adjustable thermo switch to activate your fan at 160° vs the factory setting. This will ensure your fan turns on before overheating occurs. View Temperature Switches

X ~ Optimise your Coolant

Use Zirgo UltraCool™ cooling additive to help increase the efficiency of your coolant. UltraCool's unique blend of additives can reduce engine tempature by up to 30 degrees. View UltraCool™

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